Virtual Choir – Directed by: Nicholas Ryan Kelly
January – April 2021 Season

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Distant Land

Things of this World

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

  1. I loved the videos – perfectly done and I’ll listen to it again. I liked all the pieces, but have a special place for ‘Bridge,’ and even sang along here and there. You know, my mother loved that song; she said it should be known as a mother’s anthem.
  2. Your music helped me a lot!
  3. Listening to the wonderful music from your virtual choir.  The songs were terrific choices and the editing by the guy in the basement was very impressive. The timing of your release of the songs with all the heat and forest fires was special.   It made all of us listeners feel good for a few minutes as we hummed along.
  4. I listened to both songs and you all did an awesome job!  I especially liked Distant Lands.

Virtual Choir
Christmas Grace
Directed by: Nicholas Ryan Kelly


1.  Wonderful!
In fact it is so beautiful it could very easily been done with all of you together in customary fashion. Having said that the majority of choirs involving those of us slightly out of our teens show more enthusiasm than talent. You folks really can sing and the product, even though assembled through technology that baffles me, is very impressive. Encore, encore, encore!!!

2.  The sound is amazing; how did you do it? I am totally impressed that you are all doing this apparently from your homes!

3.Just listened to you all on YouTube——WOW!! You are really great, the
arrangement you sang is very appealing, and I really loved listening to
you. Beautiful. Thank you.  [Bonnie Ross, Tune-Ager)

4.Wonderful job by all involved! Well done!!!

5.  Just listened to your wonderful choir, it brought tears to my eyes. I found it so uplifting in these awful times. Here in the UK we are expecting to be back in full lockdown after Christmas so this seems very bleak. Love to listen to your productions. Will look forward to the next one.

6. Hello everyone,This is beautiful and one of my favorite Christmas choir pieces. Kudos to the tech crew too......It is amazing what can be done these days.
Many warm wishes to you this Christmas.

Sandy Andres, Accompanist, Penticton Tune-Agers

7.Loved it! Absolutely really gave me these lovely shivers! Very well done !

8.  Really enjoyed the music! It was a great relaxing break from other stuff we've been doing, so thanks for the pause as well as the great music.

9.Brilliant performance and video. Loved both!

10. We listened to the Penticton choir this morning and were elevated into the celestial atmosphere.  Beautiful music by lovely voices. You all
should feel proud. Thank you for spreading the holiday spirit.

11. Thanks so much for forwarding these performances. I am impressed with
the whole production! I love that Schubert piece (tears in eyes...)

12. (Ursula Stephane, Tune-Ager) Thank you all for this special experience. The 2 songs sound awesome! I was so happy to participate. Looking forward to seeing you again and learning new songs with you in 2021! And special thanks to Nick and all who worked so hard to make this happen!

13. I'm so pleased that your choir group was able to sing during Covid. 
Your songs were excellent and so pleasant to watch and hear.  I have no
idea how David was able to combine the voices.

14. First, I admired how you managed it all with the limits of the technology, and second, the music! Awesome. Well done, everyone!

15.  Wow! This performance was marvellous. You guys are extremely good,
including your videography!


Virtual Choir
To Music
Directed by: Nicholas Ryan Kelly

  1. “I LOVED the Penticton Tuneagers!!! – it was just what I needed to hear tonight – it calmed me down a lot. Such an amazing feat to record all those voices from separate locations!!!”

Virtual Choir
By The Waters of Babylon
Directed by: Nicholas Ryan Kelly

  1. Excellent work! Ausgezeichnet!
  2. Amazing! We tried something similar with a guitar group I belong to and it completely failed. I know it’s a lot of work. Congratulations.
  4. Good job in corona time.  Friends of mine have done this with their orchestras. Hell of a job. Therefore rating +++
  5. Beautifully done! Nice guitar part also. My wife spontaneously started to sing along, because she has also had it in the repertoire in her choir. Thanks for sharing!  That is very cool!
  6. Amazing achievement, technically and musically speaking! Hope that this anniversary year will end up with more happiness and good health for all your family and friends! We will pray for healing and peace.
  7. Thank you for sharing… was awesome!!!!! You can notch this up as another learning experience!
  8. A very ambitious undertaking. The result is not perfect (yet), but well worth the effort. I applaud and wait for more.
  9. Nice job on the virtual choir!! The guitar accompaniment was outstanding as always!! I just signed up to join a virtual choir out of Naramata Centre, so I may need to get your help and insight with the recording aspect which I’m sure will be a challenge for me.
  10. Good job! It’s a beautiful song that is beautifully played and sung!  No doubt you put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it.  Way to go!
  11. That sounds very good. I especially liked the musical accompaniment.
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Must have been an interesting project for your group.
  13. This is fantastic!! WOW, I am impressed to say the least. A job well done and a pat on the back for all involved!
  14. What a grand happening to hear you sing & play like this.
  15. It is amazing what you found to do while locked in the Summerland paradise. Thank you so much for sending this musical treat.
  16. Great, very pleasant and amazing you got all to combine together not in person!!
  17. First of all, compliments for the beautiful musical performance! Great, as initiatives arise “remotely” everywhere, even the Concertgebouw Orchestra!
  18. That was great … love the guitar!! That is so cool!

I love to hear a choir. I love the humanity to see the faces of real people devoting themselves to a piece of music. I like the teamwork. It makes me feel optimistic about the human race when I see them cooperating like that.
Paul McCartney

COVID-19 very quickly put an end to our choir for this year. The sad part is that this year [2020] we are celebrating “50 Years of Music”. A small group (which we hope will grow ) thought it would be nice to try a virtual choir to at least mark the occasion. Under the Direction of Nicholas Ryan Kelly and accompanied by Aart Dronkers on guitar, these brave singers began their adventure into the virtual world.

Myrna Coates
Aart Dronkers
Karen Fort
Liz Lawrence
Laurie Minuk

Judi Ritcey
Julie Roberts
Bob Shanks
Ursula Stephane